TCM1680 touch screen driver added !!
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Eyad Majali
2017-07-13 13:54:33 UTC
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HI all;
I've added a driver for the tcm1680 touch screen , and edited the
touchscreen wiki , which was previously unknown manufacturer ,
apparently from sources the manufacturer name TrueCore Microelectronics , I
found a source code after searching for tc1126 ( which is the module name
in my android tablet),
I modified the source and cleaned it up from multiple platform support and
kept allwinner support A23 A33 A31 (lichee kernel).
still the code is little bit ugly but works anyway.
I'm posting here so that if any one from the community has this chip to
test it out , also so that this post appears in Google search.
so feedbacks are welcome !!

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