AllWinner H5 supporting Xen | OrangePi PC 2 | Active Project?
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2018-02-04 19:09:54 UTC
Hi All,

I'm Jonny and fairly new to the whole sunxi world. To shortly introduce
myself, I'm a student from germany interested on hypervisors.

I ended up here, after I saw a video of an OrangePi PC 2 (AllWinner H5)
running Xen. In the description a link to this blog:
I started to read this and found out some files missing and consider that
this project might be ended before it was finished.

Now I'm here wanted to rebuild this project, by hope, with your help.

Already found the patches described in the blog right here:

For now I want to start this topic by asking if anyone got some knowledge
about running Xen on AllWinner H5 or maybe already started to work on this?

Hope this topic will find some listeners - Lets try this start.

kind regards,
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